Full Circle Wood Trays, tables, file cabinets, and stands from recycled pallets.
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Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Wings Away

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Wings Away

Dimensions: 14 ¾” High
Base: 13” Wide, 7” Deep, 3/4” High
Heart/Rings: 7 ½”Wide, 9 ½” High, ½” Deep
Cross Stands: 4 ½”H
(set on any flat surface)

Red Heart Wood; Heart & Cross; Central/South America
Yellow Heart Wood; Rings; Central/ South America
Wenge; Base; Africa. (Pronounced. When-hee)
Walnut; Base; North America

Interesting Design Note: When light hits the cross, a shadow of the cross casts out a cross pattern on the yellow rings. In certain light conditions, there can be two shadow crosses, making three crosses visible.

These woods are naturally colored woods of the world. They are not stained or painted. Each piece is individually hand cut and joined to form a smooth seam between the various wood pieces. The logo itself was cut in half after assembled and rejoined at a 90 degree angle. Cross is Red Heart wood and is set into a hole drilled in the walnut base.

Net Price $ 78.00
  Pricing includes Royalties to WWME and land shipping. (Continental USA)

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