Full Circle Wood Trays, tables, file cabinets, and stands from recycled pallets.
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Upon notification of intent to order via e-mail, I will advise best anticipated ship date based on shop schedule. I will verify availability of selected material to complete the project.

Buyer will always have final say to authorize an order for shipment, based on manufacturing lead-time. If the ship date does not meet buyer's time frame, request for order can be canceled with regrets. Upon receipt of payment, order request will be entered into schedule. I never intend to miss ship dates. If an unanticipated delay occurs, tool problems, illness, injury, etc., I will advise via e-mail any delay.

The mystery wood serving trays are just that. I have been unable to positively identify some of the hardwoods I mill. These pieces are beautiful and could be "guessed" on their species.

Mystery Wood

Cashier checks or personal checks only. I made a difficult decision to not accept credit cards. The equipment expense and processing fee will drive the business costs upwards and make the items more costly. Eventually, almost all credit card invoices are paid with a check.

Payment in full and in advance at the time the order is placed.

I do not stain wood. All pieces will be made in their natural finish, with a minimum of three coats of clear polyurethane topcoat applied. The properties of polyurethane are toxic and this finish was not designed for food. Food should not be placed in contact with any polyurethane finish. All food should be placed on a suitable item (plates, bowls, etc.). Polyurethane is used to seal and harden wood and to protect the wood from scratching and marring during use.

Shop size does not permit any type of inventory of finished items. I do not intend to inventory any finished item. However there are times when I create a piece to fulfill an order from a particular type of wood, I may make an additional item(s) that would utilize the same wood type and the same tooling set up.

All pricing, except for file cabinets, includes land shipping, in the continental U.S. either through the U.S.P.S. or UPS. Shipping for file cabinets is additional, based on zip code.

An email will be sent to the recipient on the day the item is shipped. Occasionally during the manufacturing process, I will email "progress pictures."

All wood has differing grain and pigment, even in the same wood family. It is impossible to get all grain, pigment and colorization identical.

Small pieces (narrow, from 1" up to 4" wide) of wood are glued together to make larger pieces. There will be a grain pattern that can be seen when pieces of wood are joined together. This cannot be avoided. No two pieces are alike, even it they are from the same board from the same tree. Grain differs across the tree trunk from the exterior rings and down to the tree core.

I cannot match finishes of new pieces to old pieces. Wood darkens naturally over time.

Most items ship in less than 1 month. I am busiest in Oct., Nov. & Dec. There are times I will not accept orders due to high order volume. This occurs when lead-time moves out to 2 months. Holiday cut off ship date is Dec. 10.

The mystery wood serving trays are just that. I have been unable to positively identify some of the hardwoods I mill. These pieces are beautiful and could be "guessed" on their species. Placement of wood is somewhat random, noting that I prefer to keep like wood material apart.

The only non-rescued wood material I use is dowel rods, joining biscuits and cabinet pull handles. For the backs of the file cabinets we use luan panel.

I do not remove or cut out knots unless they clearly compromise the strength and integrity of the item. Allowable knots are those 1" or smaller.

The wood that I work with is all rescued, after it was determined to be undesirable for exterior furniture finish. The major reason it was rejected is because of visible knots. Most of the pieces I work with are less that 42" long.

Visible screws will be brass, if this finish compliments the piece and only on the folding product line.

Other anchoring screws will be countersunk and wood filler plugs will be used to cover anchoring screws. The wood I use came from pallets and pallets were held together with twisted nails. These nail holes will be drilled out and filled with wood plugs.

Note: There are times when rescued wood material is not suitable to use for table legs. At our discretion, wood material will be bought to provide straight, durable and stable table assembly.