Full Circle Wood Trays, tables, file cabinets, and stands from recycled pallets.
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Worldwide Marriage Encounter

In Process

Worldwide Marriage Encounter In Process

Dimensions: 9 ½” High, 8” Wide, ¼” Thick
(wall mounting capability)

Red Heart Wood; Heart; Central/South America
Yellow Heart Wood; Rings; Central/ South America
Ebony; Cross; Africa
Wenge; Base; Africa. (Pronounced. When-hee)

These woods are naturally colored woods of the world. They are not stained or painted. Each piece is individually hand cut and joined to form a smooth seam between the various wood pieces. The cross is Ebony wood (Cameroon, Africa) and is formed by drilling the cross pattern into the wood and setting each circle of Ebony.

Net Price $ 38.00
  Pricing includes Royalties to WWME and land shipping. (Continental USA)

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