Full Circle Wood Trays, tables, file cabinets, and stands from recycled pallets.
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Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Hal’s Honor *

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Hal's Honor

Dimensions: 10 ¾” High
Base: 8 ½” Wide, 2 ½” Deep, 2 ½” High
(set on any flat surface)

Red Heart Wood; Heart & Raised Cross; Central/South America
Yellow Heart Wood; Rings; Central/ South America
Wenge; Base; Africa (pronounced: When-hee)
(engraved name plate not included)

These woods are naturally colored woods of the world. They are not stained or painted. Each piece is individually hand cut and joined to form a smooth seam between the various wood pieces. The cross is Red Heart and is surface adhered in the center of the yellow rings. The Wenge riser base has a flat surface to accommodate a engraved name plate if desired.

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