Full Circle Wood Trays, tables, file cabinets, and stands from recycled pallets.
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I am the MIGHTY OAK. King of the forest! All other trees of the forest look to me for leadership. I am a self proclaimed leader of the hardwoods. I grow tall and proud, the last tree of the forest to shed my leaves for the cold winter and the last to blossom leaves in the spring. My roots burrow deeply downward to provide a powerful support base. In strong winds I bend and sway, for my trunk and branches have immense flexibility. And in the windless and calm still days, I tower toward the heavens.

I am home to many of God's creatures. My nuts provide food for the squirrels and chipmunks of the forest as well as seedlings to continue my heritage. My leaves provide nutrients to the forest floor and conceal the bird's nests that get woven in and amongst my branches. I have many species. Mostly I am known as Red Oak, White Oak and lesser known is Black Oak. My types of species are much more diverse. I can be found on 5 continents through out the world.

I have been used for building ships, homes, businesses and furniture. I am probably the most desired wood of all. My grain accepts stains well for custom finishes. It is my hardness that makes me preferred for many roles. I resist scratches, dents and telltale wear signs. This makes me very suitable for flooring.

With my ability to flex, I can be bent into sloping and curved pieces for chairs, tabletops and mirrors. My strength can be counted on for any type of furniture imaginable.

As I look out upon my future, I can become anything, with everlasting beauty. I did not for see being used as a pallet for moving, storing and shipping materials. It was painful to learn that my strength was sought after for uses other than fine furniture. As a pallet, I learned that I am expendable. I spent over a decade carrying all types of products, from auto parts to toys, from grocery items to steel coils. I have been stacked in warehouses for years at a time. I have been left outside on loading docks. I have been drenched in rainstorms, frozen and coated with heavy snowfall and have been baked in the hot summer sun. I have seen and lived it all. My life as a pallet, mirrored my life in the forest, a survivor of all seasons. Missing from my life was the value as being King of the forest, an everlasting role.

Recently, I was placed at a curb along with other pallets, adorned with a sign. Free Wood. This placement meant that I was nearing the end of my journey. I hold no shame, but I do harbor a bit of uncertainty. Sometimes, "Free Wood" means that I may get reused as a pallet, extending my useful life. Other times, I could cut into pieces and burned for home heating. If left unclaimed, my future will be in a landfill. On this particular day, Gods will bestowed upon me eternity, for I was rescued by a wood working enthusiast. He examined me, studying to see if I was showing enough grain to be identified.

I was carefully disassembled, cut into 3' sections, sawed and planed to ½" widths, stacked and stored. All the dirt, grime and oil that coated me had been removed. Some of this grime soaked in ¼". I was stacked neatly with other pieces of rescued hard wood. I was amongst other pieces of my Oak family. In this workshop there were shelves of other rescued wood. Maple was in the end racks. Mahogany was stored on the top shelf. Cherry was stored right next to me. Over the next few weeks, more pieces of wood would come into the shop.

Eventually, the pieces of Oak in my pile were removed from the shelf. I was placed on the worktable, and aligned side by side. In the next few days we were glued together, sanded smooth and assembled. My form and future were taking shape. I was going to be a file cabinet. This cabinet was special. It was being made specifically for a person that liked my natural finish, for my species is White Oak. My grain had been stained for the last time. My natural beauty would show for eternity.

Today is my shipping day. My drawers glide effortlessly on rollers. The pull handles are made out of other Oak family members. The interior drawer boxes are precisely built from Oak and Maple. We look good side by side. The cabinet levelers have me square and level to the floor. I am getting anchored to a shipping platform and covered with heavy durable cardboard. It is nice to be treated with such respect and honor. A shipping label is being applied. Where am I going? What is my final destination?

I am attached to a pallet, strapped down securely and placed onto a tractor-trailer for delivery. Imagine, just a few months ago I was on the bottom. I had a feeling of importance, being carried, rather that carrying the load. If I could just communicate to my carrier pallet that hard work pays off, and that being in the right place in the right time makes all the difference. The truck rumbles off, my final destination still unknown.

After a long day, I am off loaded in a terminal for my next transfer. Just like old times, only now I have shipping orders and I am a line item on a bill of lading. I'm being moved to the south corner of the Terminal and placed with other items heading in my direction. I'll be part of a trailer load going south. Florida? Georgia? The Carolina's?

Louisiana. Yes, Louisiana. Lake Charles, Louisiana, to be exact. I'm being driven downtown in a small step van, backed up to a loading dock, and pulled inside. I'm going to the 5th floor on the freight elevator and moved into an office. I'm going into a Law office! No, it's an Insurance claim office. All the other furniture around me is steel, fiberboard wood and plastic type stuff. I don't feel at home. When my packaging was removed, I was carried into the Directors office and placed next to the Oak desk. We're the same height. The entire room was filled other quality hardwood furnishings. I was starting to feel right at home. My new owner ran her hands over my exterior, examining my finish and checking the seams. She pulled open each of my drawers and inspected me. I enjoy being admired like this, and her soft caressing hands felt soooo good. My story was in the top drawer. She paused a moment, briefly glanced at me and put me back, probably planning to read about me later.

I have gone Full Circle. Before you now, my natural beauty has been skillfully captured. I will turn slightly darker over time, every so slightly. Simply care for me as you would care for any other hardwoods in your home or office. Please, share my story with other people and invite them to visit me and other works from my Craftsman Creator at our web site; FullCircleWood.com

2 Drawer File Cabinet, White Oak