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Mahogany WoodHello, my name is Mahogany. Years ago, I was a young sapling, growing amongst others trees. It was my heritage to be harvested and shipped overseas to America. America was the place to go. Many of my family members have made the journey, and as history has relayed on to me, my natural beauty and strength was of more value overseas that to stay here in Malaysia.

Over the years, my tender would select a mature family member and remove them from my surroundings. Soon, planted in that place would be new saplings. I looked to a future of everlasting beauty. Oh, what would become of me? What was America like? How would I be appreciated? What would be my final role? The years turned to decades. Soon I was a mature hardwood. Time and weather had been good to me, as I matured. In the next few years I would meet my future, for I had become an elder in my forest.

One fine spring day, my leaves not yet revealed, I was harvested. It was a proud moment for myself, for I had grown magnificently. Soon, I would be graded. Select, Grade # 1 was my goal.

Stored in neat piles, I awaited my destiny. The examiner passed by me and he graded me # 3. I was depressed. Only one grade above firewood. They wanted me to be the container frame to hold my higher graded mahogany family members! Portions of me were cut into 24' lengths, 2" by 3". Other parts were cut into 1" by 3" slats, and 1" by 6" slats, 4' long. I was nailed together, the 24' lengths being the base, the slats were nailed into me forming a long support assembly.

After I was assembled, steel drag/pull pins were bolted on my frame to be used for pulling and towing me. Soon my work started. Long pieces of higher graded family members were placed upon me in various lengths and widths, stacked to 4' high. This load was banded together with steel straps, drawn together very tightly. I was dragged into a steel shipping container. Other loads similar to me were pulled next to me, then, similar loads were placed on top of me. The container was sealed. My soul was looking for some form of salvation, then I realized; I was still going to America!

The journey was long. We were at sea for almost a month, then off loaded in San Francisco, placed upon rail car and shipped to the Northeast. The Northeast! I had learned that this area was the hardwood capital of America. Why are we going there? After a week on the rail car, my container was off loaded and set in a staging area. After several months, the container was finally opened and I got some fresh air. The loads on top of me were removed and soon I was dragged out and placed on a truck and driven to a small town outside of Worcester, Mass. The higher graded wood that I was holding was removed, stored and stacked for sale. What about me?

I was dragged to the back of the building where there were hundreds of other discarded family members, shaped like myself. I was simply picked up and placed upon other assemblies and left. Every few weeks another assembly was hauled out and put on top of me. This was my destiny. I learned that this hardwood outlet had been there for a long time and that all of the original hauling assemblies were still there. So this is America.

My fate is now more certain than ever. I was left to rot. My color faded. My rich color had faded to driftwood gray. Could anyone tell that I was mahogany? In the summer of 2002, a woodworking hobbyist happened upon my pile. Rumor in our setting was that this guy has a reputation for rescuing select hardwoods and restoring them to their natural beauty. He looked upon us with keen interest and received permission to claim us. When he saw us in 24' lengths, he realized that he had no way to handle our size. He drove away. We were bummed again.

Later that year, in October, this guy returned. He had with him a cordless tool to cut us in to smaller lengths so he could handle us. We were loaded in his car and driven off. The nails fastening my assembly together were removed. Then we were sorted by size and neatly stacked.

I have gone full circle. So, before you now, I have met my goal, Grade # 1, in my natural beauty. This is a two-drawer filing cabinet. The exterior of this cabinet is me. The interior drawer box frame and supporting infrastructure pieces are from the oak and maple family, also similarly rescued.

Parts of me have or will become serving trays, tray stands or other neat items with a natural Mahogany finish. I will turn a bit darker over time. There are differing shades to my color because I have a deeper richer color near my trunk center and a lighter softer color towards the bark. This is natural in my wood family. Simply care for me as your would care for any other hardwoods in your home. Please, share my story with others and invite them to visit me and other works from my Craftsman Creator at our web site; FullCircleWood.com.

Thank you for your time and enjoy my beauty.

Who wants to take me home?


Mahogany Two Drawer File Cabinet