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Cherry WoodOnce upon a time , oh, 60 or so years ago, I was a young sapling, planted by a wise select hard wood tree farmer. I was raised with other fine select saplings. We were all destined to be the finest quality Cherry hard wood. As a young sapling, my dream was to be # 1 Grade. Selected for the finest of fine dining room furniture. Perhaps I could become a pedestal post table and dining set with matching chairs, a mirror frame, a grandfather clock, an elegant headboard with dresser and end tables along with an armoire, for storing the most precious of valuables.

Over the years, my tender would select the mature hardwoods and lovingly remove them from my woods. Soon, planted in that place would be new saplings, like myself. I looked to a future of everlasting beauty. Oh, what would become of me? The years turned to decades. I was soon a mature hardwood. Time and weather had aged me as I grew magnificently. I could sense in the next few years I would meet my future, for I had become an elder in my forest.

One fine fall day, after all my leaves were shed, I was harvested. It was a proud moment for myself. Soon, I would be graded. Select, Grade # 1 was my goal. Would my wind twisted trunk harm my evaluation? Grade #2 was for concealed upholstered furniture. If selected Grade # 2, my natural beauty would be forever covered with cloth and fabric. Grade # 3 was for shipping and cargo containers. The final, Grade # 4 was for firewood.

Stored in neat piles, I awaited my destiny. Here comes my examiner, he graded me # 3. It was a sad day for me, I felt shame that I had never for seen. I knew I had beauty. Everlasting beauty. I felt that I deserved better than the short life, of having various types of cargo placed upon me and moved by trucks through out the states, unknowing what my final fate would be. In the next few days I had been selected for heavy hauling. My size was to be 12' long, 4" H by 3" W. I was the main support frame for heavy equipment hauling. It was a hard job, worthy of only straight select Grade #3 hardwood. Usually this role is reserved for the Oak family. This would be a true, yet unfair test of my strength. After years of cargo duty in the Northeast, one day I was overloaded. The load exceeded my core strength. After weeks of duress, of my frame section twisted, and with a mighty crack, I snapped. All three of the main frame members were split.

My fate was now more uncertain than ever. I became expendable. I was left outside. Broken in two, I was tossed carelessly into a pile of other discarded pallets. Some of which were there for years. Ignored, of no value and left to rot. Over the years, my exterior discolored. My natural Cherry color could not be discerned.

This past fall, the fall of 2001, a woodworking hobbyist was sifting through this pile of discarded wood and happened upon me. He was unable to tell what kind of wood I was. From my size, he figured I should be Oak, or Butternut, or Maple. He loaded me upon the roof of his car and took me home. What was to become of me now? Would I become Grade # 4, a warm glow in a fireplace?

I was cut into 3' sections, planed to ½" widths and allowed to dry. I was stacked neatly with other pieces of rescued hard wood. Still, my new owner did not know my true identity, for he had never worked with Cherry wood before. He saw at a select hardwood lumber store, a wood finish similar to mine. The distinct hew of salmon colored wood. The grain, and density were similar to that of Maple. He then brought in several samples from my supply. I was positively identified. He now knows who and what I am.

I have gone full circle. So, before you now, I have met my goal, Grade # 1, in my natural beauty. Parts of me have or will become picture frames. Other parts of me have been lovingly shaped into wonderful serving trays, all with a natural Cherry finish. The remaining parts of me, currently being stored, will be used for some other type of to be treasured item. I will turn darker over time. This is a natural process for Cherry wood. Simply care for me as your would care for any other hardwoods in your home. Please, share my story with other people and invite them to visit me and other works from my Craftsman Creator at our web site; FullCircleWood.com

Large Size Serving Tray, Full Circle Wood.

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